I have not yet come across anyone that does not like peonies. I am it’s biggest fan. Their fluffy texture, and romantic blooms soften a room in all the right ways.

Last week, for three days straight I got to indulge in these beautiful flowers. My studio was covered with pink, cameo, ivory and antique lavender peonies.

Almost around two thousand of them. One flower at a time, I put together fifty four panels.

It was hard to have to pack and ship them out as I kind of wanted to spread them around the house for my own pleasure. Alas, we had to separate.

Next up…Hydrangeas balls…840 of them. Stay tuned.


Choosing your wedding color can be a taunting task. Over the last few years, softer colors been trending. Rarely do I get requests for primary colors. Yellow seems to have a season, blue tends to be masculine and red is not for everyone. It’s a bold choice and you have to own the color of passion.

Jenna was my red, hot, beatiful and bold bride. When she first contacted me regarding her wedding ceremony and reception decorations I was very excited. I have not done an all red decor before and in honesty was kind of hoping to break the pink cycle.

Just like the color choice, the sizes she picked were bold. Sizes complimented the color, made them a true centerpiece.

I got to meet Jenna at the day of her flower delivery. Sweetest bride to be at the time turned Gorgeous bride the day of her wedding.

Here is to all the bold and beautiful brides but mostly here is to Jenna.


Baby Bahar Collection



I love what I do but I also know that what I do is just a tinny part of a bigger picture future brides to be’s have. 

I met Sarah via text she sent me. She asked if I can make letters to float in the pool of the wedding venue. 

#vogelsvibes. That’s what she asked that I make. “That’s a lot of letters” I thought, but inspired by her tribal, freesprit and earthly theme I took on the job. I felt the VIBE I should say. 

Weeks on end we texted back and forth on ideas, agreed on colors and design. it took me endless hours to make what she pictured.

I finally met Sarah and her fiancé Matt in the parking lot of Ralphs to deliver the letters. Their hashtag made sense, in the mist of their preparations, last minute running around for their big day, they had nothing but Good Vibes. 

I follow them on instgram now, almost a year since their wedding. I see how their entire wedding party, all the details were a transparent reflection of their own personalities as well as love for each other.

I met them for a nano second, I don’t really know them but I adore their journey as a couple as much as the most reflective wedding theme they had. Nothing but good vibes. 


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leo carrillo ranch     

When I received an opportunity to make the biggest floating pomanders yet, I did worry a bit. How big was too big, how many roses will each take, can I guesstimate the rose count correctly, how will I figure the shipping? Those worries took about a minute or so, as I was overjoyed with the challenge. After discussing several times, with the Father of the Bride, oh yes, that was a first too, a great experience at that as well, we decided to a sample size of 18″ balls. Let me remind you that the biggest size foam balls you can buy at a craft store is around 10″. After seeing the sample in person, they (my customer) decided to order 14 of the small ones (yes that is what they called the 18″) and one statement size of 34″ ball. All covered in white base roses with pink accent roses.

I was thrilled to get started, after countless hours of assembly, trying to get the accent pieces just right, I boxed up 14 giant boxes and shipped them off.

I took pictures along the way, and today received the professional photos. So glad I took on this challenge. Since this order, I have made even bigger size pomanders, and rose letters. In fact today, i just delivered two 8′ tall letters covered in white roses. I will blog about that some other time.

Enjoy the floating romance

Photo Credit is Cottonwood Road Photography


View More: http://cottonwoodroadphotography.pass.us/mackenzieandbrandon

View More: http://cottonwoodroadphotography.pass.us/mackenzieandbrandon


Here is a way to give your guests a smashing good time at your event. Not for the weak hearted though. Watching these beatiful roses destroyed right in front of your eyes may trigger a panic attack but sure will be a moment to remember.

Not wanting to be left behind this latest trend, we got our hands on some massive pinata balls and covered them with our beatiful high quality roses. End result speaks for itself. Great to display and fun way to gather notes, jokes, advice from your guests. Also, who doesn’t wanna have a piece of their wedding on their first anniversary.



Jimmy Choo did it. Chloe did it. Dior did it. Kim Kardashian I believe started it. Nowadays every event seem to find a way to collaborate a flower wall backdrop. From weddings to corporate events, fashion shows to barmitvza’s, flower walls are the focal points. 

I have been meaning to get my floral wall designs out for a while but 2016 wedfing season in full throttle, I didn’t get to it till this weekend. Thanks to my husband, who built me the most sturdy frame and placing the roses in their perfect spots, I got my first wall done. It’s the first of many more designs to follow. Check it out. 

 Get the look  
Get the look  Get the look 

When I shop for my roses, I tried to stay within the trend and since I don’t only service brides and weddings, I have to keep other events in mind. First communions, baptisms, gender reveal parties, baby showers are also main reasons people come to babybaharcollection for centerpieces. Pink seemed to be the hottest color last season and this season peach and ivory roses been dominating event decorations. 

It’s soft, yet very settled peach surrounded with pearl cream. We’ll see for yourself 

 Follow it to Etsy 

When you live and work in California, where seasons do not change, really, in honesty we have 2 seasons here… Summer and Christmas, wedding season seems to be all year long. Somewhere some month someone is getting married. 

California, not the highest destination wedding state but Californians mostly get married in California. No need to go anywhere, can’t beat the weather, and thousands of venues to choose from. 

I can’t complain, keeps me busy. When I did a tally, I have highest shipped location for me is California and Florida. 

Here are some amazing California venues 

Green Gate Ranch & Vineyard
Nestldown LLC
Lombardi House

There is a venue here in California for everyone. From oceanfront beach themes, to shabby chic to rustic country. With a handful of rainy days, California makes an amazing destination. And for those who live here, it’s a fairy tale every day. 

After almost 3 years of not maintaining my blog let me bring you up to date with what’s been  happening with Baby Bahar Collection. It’s been growing every year and now shipped over 400 orders to cities all around the world. From West coast USA to east coast to Europe and Middle East, I have made decorations for weddings, bridal showed, baptisms, birthday parties and many more events. With each order, tried to perfect my designs and keep it trendy with seasons new colors.

wanna see what all the new designs are, just scroll down the memory lane.

Pool parties aren’t just for kids anymore. A pool party can be transformed into an elegant event for adults to enjoy as well. Think of your swimming pool as a blank canvas waiting to be filled with creativity and a burst of color. It’s easy to create a gorgeous swimming pool scene that will be the focal point of your party. Planning your next party or event around the pool is sure to impress your guests and set the tone for an amazing evening. There are several ways to magically makeover your swimming pool into a stunning centerpiece.

Let’s Start With the Pool

Before you even consider transforming your pool, you need to make sure that the pool and surrounding area is in perfect working order. Have your pool cleaned professionally to ensure that the water is absolutely sparkling. Remove all of the inflated toys and rafts. Move all of your outdoor furniture away from the pool so that the view is not obstructed in any way. And clear the ground of any debris or clutter that will get in the way. Now you are ready to get creative!

Selecting the Right Decorations

When it comes to planning an elegant and sophisticated party, you need gorgeous decorations that will set the ambiance for a regal affair. Crepe paper streamers and balloons are not fitting decorations for such an occasion. Keep in mind that the decorations must also be waterproof to ensure their longevity during the whole evening. One of the most beautiful and endearing pool decorations is a floating flower pomander. Custom crafted from real or artificial flowers, the pomander floats right in the pool. It is spherical in shape and floats with ease on the surface of the water. You can even include a candle in the center of the pomander to provide a gentle glow as night falls.

Fill your pool with several floating candle pomanders in the color palette of your choosing. For example, for a wedding reception pool party you can select pomanders that match the chosen color palette of the bride. Alternatively, for a bachelorette party, you can select more vibrant colors that set the tone for a fun filled night.

Adding Those Finishing Touches

Once the swimming pool is filled with the floating pomanders, you can add subtle decorations to accentuate the beauty of it. If your guests will be dining outside near the pool, arrange tables a safe distance away from it. Set the tables with your best dishes and tableware. For the centerpiece, you might even select mini flower pomanders with a candlestick nestled in the center. Elegant cloth napkins and placeholders complete the look.

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