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Everything is Made in somewhere. Nothing is made without human touch, somewhere around the assembly line, even the worlds most sophisticated inventions have a hint of human connection. Robots don’t make it all… And in the age of high fuel costs, human labor is back in factories. Not by popular demand maybe, but it might even be cheaper.

Not in USA, I hear you saying. Labor laws, taxes, and all the regulations make labor in US higher. And it should, and it’s what makes us healthier and happier nation than some others…

But there is still an area of local shopping that most of us seem to forget or ignore. Your one and only crafter. 1 man shop owner that buys and makes its art in its one extra room, carries it to local craft shows, and sells it online…The true small business owner. We don’t seem to think of them much. They work full time jobs, or go to school or even both at times and stay up late at night crafting and taking orders…
I can see how you would be picturing only items like hand knitted pot holders, or kids costumes, but have you met this centuries most talented crafters?

I dare you to spend a minute on Etsy type anything you can think of in the search button and come back to report your finds.
Upscale, store front quality items made by locals, a community of great talent.

Think about the impact of your purchase and it’s direct contribution to our economy. Support local artist, support your local small businesses, start on sites like Etsy and go to your neighborhood shops next, and only if all fails go to the mall.


When it comes to planning for a wedding, everyone seems to have somewhat of an idea of what they want. They either have always dreamed of it, they were inspired by a movie scene, or someone else’s wedding. Mostly inspiration and the dream is solely The Bride’s. Groom nods his head to all the selections, colorful items and etc.

Nautical theme weddings are a bit different. Seems to me, or at least the bride to be’s I have worked with are very attached to this theme because it is something they share with their groom to be’s.
It reminds them of the place they met or a vacation they took or better yet, they share the same passion of the ocean in its glory.
I find it pleasing to work with these brides. Their over the top stress seems to be at its lowest as they are surrounded with the idea of bringing their identity as a couple together rather than individual ideals…
It could simply be that they spend their free times sailing, therefore they are just more happy in general…
Nautical Theme in mind

Since I am an admirer of everything blue, the ocean, and it’s blessed creatures, I tend to enjoy making nautical items as well… Above listing is my newest addition to my store.

Have a great Sunday.


This is what has been keeping me busy

These Floating Flower Decorations I have been making look so innocent and cute, but don’t be fooled. They take hours to assemble. I am not kidding, each rose is trimmed to exact size, and one at a time added while maintaining perfect coverage. You stop feeling your fingers after a while.

But once they are done, you can not stop staring at them. Even though I know they will float perfectly, I run to my backyard and set them free in the pool right after I poke the last rose in its place.

It is absolutely the funnest moment. My dogs kind of give me a funny look. I give them a funny look back, and say ” hey I have to make sure they float, think of it as quality control”

I know they don’t buy it…

Baby Bahar Collection on Etsy

Thought I should at least give you a link to see what Baby Bahar Collection is….Image

I wasn’t sure if I would any time or patience for yet another social media outlet but everyday but here I am. I wasn’t feeling very intelligent as I was trying to figure out how this work, but I assume less I say better it will be.

I promise I won’t take you guys as captivated hostages, and blurp out everything that comes to mind, but simply share same new trends from local and global markets, keep you posted on what I am working on and hopefully get your feedback.

So stay tuned, not sure how in the world you will find me in the massive black worm hole of internet, but guess I do have to at least post something and watch the stats.

Baby Bahar Collection. I was going to sign off with the initials, and just realized it would be BBC…Ha…