When it comes to planning for a wedding, everyone seems to have somewhat of an idea of what they want. They either have always dreamed of it, they were inspired by a movie scene, or someone else’s wedding. Mostly inspiration and the dream is solely The Bride’s. Groom nods his head to all the selections, colorful items and etc.

Nautical theme weddings are a bit different. Seems to me, or at least the bride to be’s I have worked with are very attached to this theme because it is something they share with their groom to be’s.
It reminds them of the place they met or a vacation they took or better yet, they share the same passion of the ocean in its glory.
I find it pleasing to work with these brides. Their over the top stress seems to be at its lowest as they are surrounded with the idea of bringing their identity as a couple together rather than individual ideals…
It could simply be that they spend their free times sailing, therefore they are just more happy in general…
Nautical Theme in mind

Since I am an admirer of everything blue, the ocean, and it’s blessed creatures, I tend to enjoy making nautical items as well… Above listing is my newest addition to my store.

Have a great Sunday.