It is said that May through October is the high season for weddings. In theory it does make sense, majority does get married in during cool summer months or spring. You don’t see many wedding dresses with long sleeves, or that comes with ear muffs.

I am so in love with the holidays so I think I want to focus on seasonal weddings today. There are several reasons. Savings…Restaurants, and Hotels have off season rates. Special Treatment…Wedding planners most likey can focus on your wedding in more detail…Everylasting…I was at my friends November wedding, and as her wedding favors, she gave everyone an ornament, so now every year, as I hang it back on our tree I remember her wedding…

Here are some great ideas for weddings from November through March.

Christmas Wedding cake topperSo, this is one good way of doing it. Embrace it all. Become Christmas…You can find this item by clicking here

Fall Wedding Carved Pumpkin Custom MadeI know, this is not for everyone. But a ton of people love fall, and you can get really creative. Just don’t let your guest smash the pumpkins later…PumpkinFloralsCrafts50 Snowflake Chocolates:  Silver Shadow GlimmerThis is a great idea for winter wedding favor. Chocolate snowflakes that are going to melt in everyones mouth. YUMMY. TheFrostedPetticoat

Life is not waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain Magnet -wedding favor magnetsLove, love love these. This would add such a great meaning to your wedding. But guess you have to hope it really does rain that day…GO FIND THIS ITEM


Cheers until next time.