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Small or big, every event is special. And every event has a budget. Some budgets have more zero’s but still they are budgeted.
All the parties I have hosted, I tried to put most of my funds towards the food. After all that’s one area you don’t want to go wrong.
But I have always been the one to put so much effort into details. No matter what my budget was, I wanted to add decor and ambiance to my events. I never hired an event planner, which I think is strictly due to my control issues, but I have found many ways to make my parties to look rich, elegant and one of a kind.

On that note, I want to share these party favors with you. Reasonably priced affordable favor boxes. With these simple boxes you can do so much. Put some m&m’s in them you are ready for your fun party. Use gourmet chocolate for richer look. Tea light candles, marbles, scrabble tiles, magnets, erasers, headphones, tea bags, sugar cubes, etc
So many ways to customize your boxes to fit your theme.
You can find all the following at baby Bahar collection







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