Pool parties aren’t just for kids anymore. A pool party can be transformed into an elegant event for adults to enjoy as well. Think of your swimming pool as a blank canvas waiting to be filled with creativity and a burst of color. It’s easy to create a gorgeous swimming pool scene that will be the focal point of your party. Planning your next party or event around the pool is sure to impress your guests and set the tone for an amazing evening. There are several ways to magically makeover your swimming pool into a stunning centerpiece.

Let’s Start With the Pool

Before you even consider transforming your pool, you need to make sure that the pool and surrounding area is in perfect working order. Have your pool cleaned professionally to ensure that the water is absolutely sparkling. Remove all of the inflated toys and rafts. Move all of your outdoor furniture away from the pool so that the view is not obstructed in any way. And clear the ground of any debris or clutter that will get in the way. Now you are ready to get creative!

Selecting the Right Decorations

When it comes to planning an elegant and sophisticated party, you need gorgeous decorations that will set the ambiance for a regal affair. Crepe paper streamers and balloons are not fitting decorations for such an occasion. Keep in mind that the decorations must also be waterproof to ensure their longevity during the whole evening. One of the most beautiful and endearing pool decorations is a floating flower pomander. Custom crafted from real or artificial flowers, the pomander floats right in the pool. It is spherical in shape and floats with ease on the surface of the water. You can even include a candle in the center of the pomander to provide a gentle glow as night falls.

Fill your pool with several floating candle pomanders in the color palette of your choosing. For example, for a wedding reception pool party you can select pomanders that match the chosen color palette of the bride. Alternatively, for a bachelorette party, you can select more vibrant colors that set the tone for a fun filled night.

Adding Those Finishing Touches

Once the swimming pool is filled with the floating pomanders, you can add subtle decorations to accentuate the beauty of it. If your guests will be dining outside near the pool, arrange tables a safe distance away from it. Set the tables with your best dishes and tableware. For the centerpiece, you might even select mini flower pomanders with a candlestick nestled in the center. Elegant cloth napkins and placeholders complete the look.

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It is hard to think about warm colorful spring when it is almost or freezing temperatures even in the west coast, but spring weddings are around the corner.
Its brights and cheerful. It is romantic and free spirit. Its cozy and it is beatiful. Its warm and it is most definetely a busy time for a bride. So many colors and themes to choose from. But you also have the entire nature to use. Inspirations are everywhere.
Here are some of favorite finds from the internet.







Why not, right. It’s red, it’s beautiful and it is not obnoxiously tall. Just the perfect size and mood for a christmas table.
2 pomegranates and some Boston red beans, you got yourself a great looking edible centerpiece.
I think it cost around $5 and I didn’t have to worry about storing it. Boston beans were gone before last guest left.
Next, I am thinking mangos and wasabi green beans.



Baby Bahar Collection

It is expensive to decorate your dream wedding venue with real flowers. Especially if ones dream was over the top flowers. I am always mesmerized against a beautiful arrangement. Big, small any size floral center pieces just add so much to any event.
It’s not always feasible and can be a logistics nightmare. Do it yourself brides choose real touch or artificial flowers.
My favorite are the foam roses. They look so real you can’t tell even after you touch them.
Here are some photos of unreal but beyond real looking.






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Small or big, every event is special. And every event has a budget. Some budgets have more zero’s but still they are budgeted.
All the parties I have hosted, I tried to put most of my funds towards the food. After all that’s one area you don’t want to go wrong.
But I have always been the one to put so much effort into details. No matter what my budget was, I wanted to add decor and ambiance to my events. I never hired an event planner, which I think is strictly due to my control issues, but I have found many ways to make my parties to look rich, elegant and one of a kind.

On that note, I want to share these party favors with you. Reasonably priced affordable favor boxes. With these simple boxes you can do so much. Put some m&m’s in them you are ready for your fun party. Use gourmet chocolate for richer look. Tea light candles, marbles, scrabble tiles, magnets, erasers, headphones, tea bags, sugar cubes, etc
So many ways to customize your boxes to fit your theme.
You can find all the following at baby Bahar collection







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Some of these decorated cars, especially classics are amazingly done and I think they add great character to weddings. You don’t have to buy into more is better with decorations, and when you have a classy, elegant car in the background, less is definetly all you need.





baby bahar collection

Same pictures of these beautiful oversized floating flower balls are all over the Internet.
There are all kinds of events these can be added as decoration.
Now you can get them too…
Email info@babybaharcollection.com for more info.








Here are some samples of Baby Bahar Collections creations.
I will use this as a collection to display some custom orders or new concepts that I am working on. You can email me at info@babybaharcollection.com











Like everything we do in life, some like to follow the crowd, they are no trend setters, they like to do things proven to work, and are perfectly fine with that. And there are those who like to lead, set trends, add their personal touch to every little thing day do.

So when comes their wedding planning, they are not going to tear out pages from famous bridal magazines, they are going to take the good old wedding item and make it their own. They are going to stand out.

Here are some items that fit in this category so easily…

Best Man - Wedding Flask When I first saw this, I wasn’t sure, but after 2 seconds of hesitation, I said “why not” In fact I know a lot of people who would enjoy gifting this as well as receiving it. These are available at The Flask Shop 

100 Field Daisy Leaves - Foam Type Material See anyone can use rose pedals, how about walking down the aisle covered with these beautiful daisy leaves. Simply Serra on Etsy has these for sale.

Custom Wedding TOMS..... Wedge designWho says you have to wear a 5″ skinny white pumps to your wedding. Have an artist personalize your favorite Tom’s. Here is an amazing collection by a talented artist name Victoria 

Would love to hear your comments, or better yet hear your ideas.

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