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When you are young Fridays have a different meaning. Anticipation is great. Last day of school, you run home to throw your backpack somewhere in your room, change out of your uniform into something else and hit the streets for long hours of play time. Well at least that’s what I did. Played till the first street light turned on, stayed up late to watch tv and didn’t have to do homework. It was truly a TGIF.
And you get older, anticipation of Friday nights change. It’s the most socially active night of the week. You meet up with friends after work, you go out to dance and eat into early hours of Saturday…There are few years in human spirit that can handle this kind of Fridays so thank god I did it when i did was able to transition out in to more mellow Fridays.

That brings me to my thirties. Married with children, end of a long work week now means start of a long weekend with my own choirs and staying on top of others…

Life is good. And now my Fridays have a different purpose.
etsy orders are taken during the week, I stop over at my local craft store to pick up my supplies after work, cozy over to my house and start putting things together.

I get a glance of what the rest of the world is doing via social media. Exactly what I would be doing 10 or 20 years ago. I join them with a convenient like button, it’s like I am there with them :), I multitask as always… Click away with one hand, write thank you notes to my customers with the other.

THank God for Fridays. Thank God it evolves with you.

Here is a snap shot of my Friday.