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When I received an opportunity to make the biggest floating pomanders yet, I did worry a bit. How big was too big, how many roses will each take, can I guesstimate the rose count correctly, how will I figure the shipping? Those worries took about a minute or so, as I was overjoyed with the challenge. After discussing several times, with the Father of the Bride, oh yes, that was a first too, a great experience at that as well, we decided to a sample size of 18″ balls. Let me remind you that the biggest size foam balls you can buy at a craft store is around 10″. After seeing the sample in person, they (my customer) decided to order 14 of the small ones (yes that is what they called the 18″) and one statement size of 34″ ball. All covered in white base roses with pink accent roses.

I was thrilled to get started, after countless hours of assembly, trying to get the accent pieces just right, I boxed up 14 giant boxes and shipped them off.

I took pictures along the way, and today received the professional photos. So glad I took on this challenge. Since this order, I have made even bigger size pomanders, and rose letters. In fact today, i just delivered two 8′ tall letters covered in white roses. I will blog about that some other time.

Enjoy the floating romance

Photo Credit is Cottonwood Road Photography


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Jimmy Choo did it. Chloe did it. Dior did it. Kim Kardashian I believe started it. Nowadays every event seem to find a way to collaborate a flower wall backdrop. From weddings to corporate events, fashion shows to barmitvza’s, flower walls are the focal points. 

I have been meaning to get my floral wall designs out for a while but 2016 wedfing season in full throttle, I didn’t get to it till this weekend. Thanks to my husband, who built me the most sturdy frame and placing the roses in their perfect spots, I got my first wall done. It’s the first of many more designs to follow. Check it out. 

 Get the look  
Get the look  Get the look