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Choosing your wedding color can be a taunting task. Over the last few years, softer colors been trending. Rarely do I get requests for primary colors. Yellow seems to have a season, blue tends to be masculine and red is not for everyone. It’s a bold choice and you have to own the color of passion.

Jenna was my red, hot, beatiful and bold bride. When she first contacted me regarding her wedding ceremony and reception decorations I was very excited. I have not done an all red decor before and in honesty was kind of hoping to break the pink cycle.

Just like the color choice, the sizes she picked were bold. Sizes complimented the color, made them a true centerpiece.

I got to meet Jenna at the day of her flower delivery. Sweetest bride to be at the time turned Gorgeous bride the day of her wedding.

Here is to all the bold and beautiful brides but mostly here is to Jenna.


Baby Bahar Collection




When you live and work in California, where seasons do not change, really, in honesty we have 2 seasons here… Summer and Christmas, wedding season seems to be all year long. Somewhere some month someone is getting married. 

California, not the highest destination wedding state but Californians mostly get married in California. No need to go anywhere, can’t beat the weather, and thousands of venues to choose from. 

I can’t complain, keeps me busy. When I did a tally, I have highest shipped location for me is California and Florida. 

Here are some amazing California venues 

Green Gate Ranch & Vineyard
Nestldown LLC
Lombardi House

There is a venue here in California for everyone. From oceanfront beach themes, to shabby chic to rustic country. With a handful of rainy days, California makes an amazing destination. And for those who live here, it’s a fairy tale every day. 

After almost 3 years of not maintaining my blog let me bring you up to date with what’s been  happening with Baby Bahar Collection. It’s been growing every year and now shipped over 400 orders to cities all around the world. From West coast USA to east coast to Europe and Middle East, I have made decorations for weddings, bridal showed, baptisms, birthday parties and many more events. With each order, tried to perfect my designs and keep it trendy with seasons new colors.

wanna see what all the new designs are, just scroll down the memory lane.