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Here are some samples of Baby Bahar Collections creations.
I will use this as a collection to display some custom orders or new concepts that I am working on. You can email me at












As a shop owner on Etsy, I do spend quite a bit of time on my phone app. Regularly talk to clients, or other Etsians. I do stumble upon way to many great finds. I do add them to my favorites, which I like to call, “please give me a reason to have to have this”

Have a look around…Some of these items are so good, you might want to plan an event around them.

I am in my thirties, and absolutely would like to have this. This is a very soft and fuzzy amigurumi crocheted and sewed bunny. I am good at certain crafts, but knitting is not my cup of tea. I am amazed with the talent behind this. You can’t just find this anywhere. I might need to volunteer to host a birthday party for my friends little girl just so I can play with these. Available at

Lilly is a fellow Etsian I met online couple months ago. I needed unique thank you cards to send out with my orders. Since than I follow her on Etsy I personally love photography, and I really appreciate the true softness Lilly captures in all her photos. I think any of her photos will make great invitations, greeting cards, or simply used for home decor.


Wedding Cake Toppers Love Birds, Summer Green, White Flower, Outdoor Wedding, Wedding Gift

Since I have been married for almost 16 years, I think I may just get these for an anniversary celebration or something. I melt every time I see them. I love everything that puts a smile on my face. These are avaliable at 

2 four packs of Peanut Butter Crunch Doggie Truffles -   For Your Dogs

Oh Yes…They do exist. When my good friend’s lab was sick and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him, I found these on MsFoddie’s shop. She was great to work with and actually shipped the items directly over to my friend. Knowing how much she also likes baked goods, I had to call her ahead of time to make sure she didn’t eat them. You can’t really have a dog give you feedback, you know they are going to want more…Oh by the way, her dog is doing much better.

I think I am going to stop at 4 favorites this week, I will try to make a habit of sharing my picks as frequently as I can. Blogging is fun but a bit more word than I expected.