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It is hard to think about warm colorful spring when it is almost or freezing temperatures even in the west coast, but spring weddings are around the corner.
Its brights and cheerful. It is romantic and free spirit. Its cozy and it is beatiful. Its warm and it is most definetely a busy time for a bride. So many colors and themes to choose from. But you also have the entire nature to use. Inspirations are everywhere.
Here are some of favorite finds from the internet.








Like everything we do in life, some like to follow the crowd, they are no trend setters, they like to do things proven to work, and are perfectly fine with that. And there are those who like to lead, set trends, add their personal touch to every little thing day do.

So when comes their wedding planning, they are not going to tear out pages from famous bridal magazines, they are going to take the good old wedding item and make it their own. They are going to stand out.

Here are some items that fit in this category so easily…

Best Man - Wedding Flask When I first saw this, I wasn’t sure, but after 2 seconds of hesitation, I said “why not” In fact I know a lot of people who would enjoy gifting this as well as receiving it. These are available at The Flask Shop 

100 Field Daisy Leaves - Foam Type Material See anyone can use rose pedals, how about walking down the aisle covered with these beautiful daisy leaves. Simply Serra on Etsy has these for sale.

Custom Wedding TOMS..... Wedge designWho says you have to wear a 5″ skinny white pumps to your wedding. Have an artist personalize your favorite Tom’s. Here is an amazing collection by a talented artist name Victoria 

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