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When you live and work in California, where seasons do not change, really, in honesty we have 2 seasons here… Summer and Christmas, wedding season seems to be all year long. Somewhere some month someone is getting married. 

California, not the highest destination wedding state but Californians mostly get married in California. No need to go anywhere, can’t beat the weather, and thousands of venues to choose from. 

I can’t complain, keeps me busy. When I did a tally, I have highest shipped location for me is California and Florida. 

Here are some amazing California venues 

Green Gate Ranch & Vineyard
Nestldown LLC
Lombardi House

There is a venue here in California for everyone. From oceanfront beach themes, to shabby chic to rustic country. With a handful of rainy days, California makes an amazing destination. And for those who live here, it’s a fairy tale every day.