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I love what I do but I also know that what I do is just a tinny part of a bigger picture future brides to be’s have. 

I met Sarah via text she sent me. She asked if I can make letters to float in the pool of the wedding venue. 

#vogelsvibes. That’s what she asked that I make. “That’s a lot of letters” I thought, but inspired by her tribal, freesprit and earthly theme I took on the job. I felt the VIBE I should say. 

Weeks on end we texted back and forth on ideas, agreed on colors and design. it took me endless hours to make what she pictured.

I finally met Sarah and her fianc√© Matt in the parking lot of Ralphs to deliver the letters. Their hashtag made sense, in the mist of their preparations, last minute running around for their big day, they had nothing but Good Vibes. 

I follow them on instgram now, almost a year since their wedding. I see how their entire wedding party, all the details were a transparent reflection of their own personalities as well as love for each other.

I met them for a nano second, I don’t really know them but I adore their journey as a couple as much as the most reflective wedding theme they had. Nothing but good vibes. 


Baby Bahar Collection on Etsy

leo carrillo ranch     


When I shop for my roses, I tried to stay within the trend and since I don’t only service brides and weddings, I have to keep other events in mind. First communions, baptisms, gender reveal parties, baby showers are also main reasons people come to babybaharcollection for centerpieces. Pink seemed to be the hottest color last season and this season peach and ivory roses been dominating event decorations. 

It’s soft, yet very settled peach surrounded with pearl cream. We’ll see for yourself 

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It is hard to think about warm colorful spring when it is almost or freezing temperatures even in the west coast, but spring weddings are around the corner.
Its brights and cheerful. It is romantic and free spirit. Its cozy and it is beatiful. Its warm and it is most definetely a busy time for a bride. So many colors and themes to choose from. But you also have the entire nature to use. Inspirations are everywhere.
Here are some of favorite finds from the internet.